How to Play Dota 2

18 May 2016 01:41

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How to Play Dota 2
Dota 2 is a team game of five versus five. You win the game by destroying your opponent's ancient building which is called the Throne before they can destroy yours. In the beginning of the game, all heroes are weak and have little gold and experience. Experience gives levels and access to the stronger skills while gold buys items that enable you do things like running faster, casting special spells and doing more damage. The goal is to spend time gaining gold and experience as fast as possible with your time and limiting the opponents gold and experience gain. If you have a significant gold and experience advantage by the later stages of the game, you are able to destroy all heroes and buildings along your path and ultimately finish the game by killing the enemy's Ancient.
Here's a guide on how to play Dota2;
1. Fight against botsWhen you first download and start playing the game, you should play against bots first. This helps you learn how to play the game properly and get comfortable with the controls. Click on the Play Tab at the top of the screen and choose 'Practice with bots'.
2. Play against friendsAfter you have an idea on how to play the game, you can now play with and against your friends. There's nothing that builds friendships like insulting and killing each other. Create a lobby at the play menu and use a password to protect it to only play with friends or leave it open to play against strangers. If you enjoy having your playing gender, sexual preference or aptitude mocked or making strangers look like fools by beating them, you can play a match or team match if you have a team.
3. Choose your preferred game modeYou will need to change your game mode every once in a while. This is possible for lobby games and any matchmaking agmes. Game modes affect how to choose heroes that you, your team members and the enemy's team play with. The game modes are as below;
All pick is usually wide open.Captains mode allows the team captains to choose their heroes in turn for their players from an unlimited pool.Single draft gives players a number of heroes based on their attributeRandom draft offers players a 22 hero pool to select from and turns are taken when choosing heroes.Least played gets rid of your 40 most played characters off the pool.Limited heroes is limited to only the easiest to play heroes.All random is just like it sounds like.
4. Adjust settingsDo not forget to ensure that the settings are correct when joining a match. The correct settings can help you match with the right people and ensure that your connection is strong.
5. Choose a characterWhen you join a match, you will choose a hero. The character chosen is very important so choose him/her very carefully, based on how you play best and based on the needs of your team. Pay attention to the character attributes. The attributes determine the amount of health the hero has, the amount of magical power they can draw from and the effectiveness of their armor. All characters have a major attribute which determines how they play. Attributes increase with levels.
6. Do not dieThis is a strategy game that requires patience and skill. Dying is severely punished so you need to play smart. If you die, you miss out on gold and experience and your team mated get gut-punched as they wait for you. So do not die.

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